Sourcing Portal, Supplier Registration & RFx Management

Register and manage suppliers. Access and maintain catalog information. Establish a communications network. Welcome to the Supplier Hub!

Register and pre-qualify suppliers. Update and maintain profiles with required information and documents. Review and approval processes are in place to make sure only qualified and relevant suppliers are added to the master list for use on requests, orders, and solicitations.

Post and view solicitations to and from authorized suppliers. Full management of solicitations and bids as well as the ability to conduct reverse auctions is accessible from this portal.

Begin a search of both internal and external catalogs using an advanced intelligent search engine that provides an "amazon-like" experience. Features such as

Enter invoices online through the portal

Check the availability of funds through each step of the purchasing process. Manage budgest for any account data combination based on fiscal year and/or budget period.

Easy step-by-step process to record invoices for authorizing payment. Automated 3 way matches of the order, receipt and invoice are made and any exceptions are idenitfied and presented to the user based on system-defined setting and business rules.