Puridiom Travel Management (PTM)

Puridiom's unique approach to travel management applies proven procurement practices to corporate business travel, helping businesses implement and adhere to an effective travel management policy. Travel becomes visible and a very big piece of spend controlled under management.

How Puridiom Travel Management Works

Puridiom Travel Management (PTM) is unique because it handles the life cycle of the business trip end-to-end. From planning, to travel spend management, and expense reporting, PTM covers all aspects of the corporate business trip. Itinerary planning includes all bookings; flights, rental cars, hotels, as well as optional peripherals such as conference fees, etc. Bookings can be made with an online booking tool, or through your travel agent. Once the itinerary is set, the trip is submitted for approval. Bookings are not purchased until the trip is approved and a purchase order is issued. Any changes along the way can also be handled, with the required approval processes. Once a business traveler returns, expense reports can be submitted for additional approvals and processing.

Procurement and Travel Management

The objective of procurement is to make sure that the right amounts of product are supplied to buyers, in order to ensure the continuous supply of products in the market in an effective and cost-efficient manner. In the travel world, that means acquiring trip itineraries to result in the best outcome, based on the pre-set company-based policies. With Puridiom Travel Management, all travel, regardless of how it is booked, on-line or through a travel agent, goes through the procurement process, tracking and accounting for every transaction. In this manner, travel becomes visible and becomes a very big piece of spend controlled under management.

"Introducing procurement practices to travel management increases savings of total annual travel spend by 11% on average."

- Business Travel News, April 2009

Puridiom Travel and Booking Agent
  • Travel Policy Compliance
  • Flexible Itinerary Planning
  • 100% User Adoption Rate
  • Complete Travel Spend Visibility
  • Pre-travel Expense Controls
  • Travel Review & Optimization Strategies