Puridiom Invoicing

Puridiom Invoicing automates the receiving and recording of invoices by eliminating manual data-entry and matching the invoice to the purchase order and receipt transaction.

With Purdiom you can:

  • Create debit or credit vouchers from existing purchase orders, receipts or from scratch
  • Three-way invoice matching between the order, receipt and voucher
  • Pay your invoice with a single click of the mouse if the order, receipt and voucher information match
  • Load information into your payable system through a seamless, easy-to-use A/P Interface


Puridiom's Electronic Invoicing Presentment & Payment (EIPP) solutions allows suppliers to invoice buyers over the internet quickly and securely while managing the processing and payment of invoices online.

With This Process You Can:

  • Streamline and standardize invoice delivery to payees
  • Accelerate payee approval by enabling online review, dispute and adjustment processes
  • Automate invoicing and payment, making it more efficient, accurate, and cost effective

EIPP Benefits

Benefits include automation of the entire purchase-to-pay cycle to improve efficiencies, lower costs and greater control over the financial supply chain. Buyers using EIPP are able to process invoices more efficiently, save money by not paying erroneously billed items and services, and take advantage of discounts not previously available.