Poor contract management within an enterprise can result in fragmented procedures, labor-intensive processes, poor visibility into contracts and terms, ineffective compliance monitoring and management, and inadequate performance analysis.

Puridiom Contract Management manages all of the activities involved in creating and supporting a contract, from writing, negotiating, executing, ensuring compliance, storing and retrieving contract information, as well as reporting and analysis.

Puridiom offers:

  • Easy-to-use Contract Document Generation
  • Document Repository and Contract Warehousing
  • Milestone and Event Tracking
  • Approval Workflow Routing
  • Contract Templates and Extensive Clause Library
  • Contract History & Audit Trail
  • Supplier Contract Performance
  • Contract Reporting and Analysis

The Puridiom Contract Management Solution provides overall improved supply management through better sourcing options, contract negotiations, and increase savings with contract compliance.

"Within the next two years, the percentage of a company's revenue that is dictated by contracts will increase from 56% to 68%, on average."

- Aberdeen Group

"On average, enterprises lose 9% of their revenues due to regulatory penalties, missed deadlines, lost sales, 'maverick' pricing and transactional errors."

- Aberdeen Group