The Accounts Payable Outsourcing (APO) Advantage

  • 76% - 94% Lower invoice processing rates
  • 51% - 59% Faster Invoice Processing
  • Enable Supplier Visibility, while Strengthening Supplier Relationships
  • Increase Savings Through Payment Discounts
  • Improve Cash Flow Management
  • Ensure SOX Compliance

The Puridiom AP Outsourcing solution allows customers to outsource all or part of their accounts payable business functions. Puridiom APO services incorporate an end-to-end solution for managing receipt, processing, and payment of your invoices. By outsourcing the accounts payable function to Puridiom, organizations can lower transaction costs up to 50% and experience an average of 85% lower invoice processing rates. Additional savings may be achieved through the streamlining of the AP department and the reallocation of resources.

The Puridiom Accounts Payable solution is also available for organizations that prefer to keep their AP function in-house.

The automated AP solution systemically and efficiently manages invoice receipt, matching and reconciliation, review and approval, and payment authorization and disbursement This will transform a paper-based, labor-intensive process into a streamlined and strategic focused operation.

Puridiom enables you to take complete control of your accounts payable function and reduce your costs, speed month end close, and ultimately increase your bottom line.

"Enterprises that invest in technology, outsource, or employ some combination of the two gain a competitive edge over their competitors and are in a better position to proactively manage their business. AP departments that do nothing for another year will continue to lose ground on their competition."

- Aberdeen Group

"As a critical multi-faceted cog in the cash management machine, the AP function is ripe with opportunity for transformations that will deliver value to the organization and outsourcing is proving to be a beneficial solution."

- Aberdeen Group