Total Procurement Transformation

The Plan-to-Pay solution streamlines procurement processes from planning of requisitions through the initiation of payment. Modules include Workflow Manager, Order Management, Contract Management, RFx Management, Receiving, Invoice Matching, Inventory Manager (optional) and Asset Tracker (optional).

Manage requisitions, approvals and access catalogs through the Workflow manager. A comprehensive requisition wizard lets you easily create and manage any type of requisition and send for approval. Approval workflows are also easily configured according to your approval hierarchy, making approvals fast and efficient. Access to internal catalogs and punch-out is also included within this module, as well as an optional budget workflow that can check availability of funds on a step-by-step basis.

All types of orders, including POs, blanket and service agreements, releases, and contracts are included in this module. Communicate easily with suppliers, auto-create and award orders for contracted items and increase visibility to overall spend activity.

Stay on top of contracts with automated alerts such as approval and status, audit trail of contract changes and modifications, and insurance and compliance requirements. A searchable contract repository ensures that you have easy eaccess to contract content, terms, dates and deliverables

Easily create and customize Requests for Quote, Information, and Proposal within this module. Use the bid analysis tool to determin the best supplier for award. Integration with requisition and order modules provide easy bid review and analysis, award to qu

Easily acknowledge acceptance of individual items or complete order and receive either through a central receiving area or warehouse. Accept and indicate items received against an order, make adjustments and retuns, make corrections or initiate returns all within the Receiving module. Ensure accountability and communicate to AP the acceptance to pay invoices for items received.

Easy step-by-step process to record invoices for authorizing payment. Automated 3 way matches of the order, receipt and invoice are made and any exceptions are idenitfied and presented to the user based on system-defined setting and business rules.

Organize and mange stock levels for inventoried items and forms at individual bin locations within multiple physical and virtual warehouses. Monthly usage and forecasting tools provide visibility and rate of consumption to ensure adequate supply, avoiding back order, overstock and out-of-stock situations. Backorder processing, chargeback accountability, online cycle count reconciliation, adjustments, warehouse transfers, and replensihment processing are just some inventory features.

Automatically identify asset items upon reciept and queues for asset tag assignment. Always know what assets are on-hand and where they are located. Supports bar code labels and devices to automate reconciliation of asset location data.