Faster invoice processing and payments

Complete the P2P process with better invoice processes and payment options. Modules in this solution include eInvoice Process, Invoice Matching, Invoice Scanning/Extraction, and Payment

Enter any type of request, send it for approval, and ensure that established rules and best practice strategies are maintained. Generate requests for goods ans services, order from internal or external catalogs, stock items from inventory, buy against established agreements and more. Special features of the Request Module and exclusive to the Puridiom solution are the rule Intelligent Request Engineâ„¢ and the Business Validation Rule Engineâ„¢

Automatically route requests for approval based on your company's hierarchical structure. Enforce department budget limits and exceptions with administrative rules that you control and define.

Standard catalog management provides access to internally managed catalogs.

Access the supplier's website directly from Puridiom and search catalog data for required information. A secure connection between the supplier and Puridiom is always maintained. Selected data is automatically put in line item format for order processing, strealining, the purchasing process.